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Located at the Southwest corner of the Student Union Building, the Campus Bookstore maintains a stock of OSU & OSUIT logo clothing and gift items, your favorite snacks and bottled soft drinks, greeting cards, in addition to tools, textbooks, and supplies needed for classes.

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Lisa Fain

Welcome to the OSUIT Textbook Affordability Program

The OSUIT Textbook Affordability Program is a campus-wide program that provides students taking courses at OSUIT with access to their required textbooks and course materials for a single flat-rate of$223 per semester. The materials in this program are provided in digital format within Canvas. They are available for students to access by the first day of classes. Print materials may be picked up from the OSUIT Campus Bookstore the week before classes begin.

Please Note: The OSUIT Textbook Affordability Program does not include the purchase of Technical Program Tool Kits. All Tool Kits will continue to be purchased from the OSUIT Campus Bookstore as they have during past semesters and are not included in the Textbook Affordability Program. Below and on the pages within this site, you can read about the benefits of this program, learn how the program works, and find answers to frequently asked questions.

Affordability and Value

The OSUIT Textbook Affordability Program sets a $223 flat rate upfront for course materials, giving OSUIT students a predictable cost. The program provides all OSUIT students access to their required textbooks and course materials for one low price, regardless of their course of study.


Students will no longer have to stress about academic materials during the busy start of the semester. The required digital course materials will automatically be available on their Canvas account by the first day of class. This means students can focus on finalizing their schedule and getting settled without the added stress of evaluating textbook prices and worrying about how they will obtain their textbooks.

Supports Academic Success

OSUIT students can explore their academic interests without weighing the cost of the associated course materials. Once enrolled in a course, students have access to their materials on the first day of class, which means they can start studying immediately. The digital format provides an accessible, easy-to-use navigation with enhanced functionality to help students collaborate and study.

Supports OSUIT Sustainability Efforts

Most textbooks and course materials in the OSUIT Textbook Affordability Program are provided in a digital format which will decrease textbooks from being printed and shipped from publishers to our campus each semester.

How It Works

Before each fall, spring, and summer semester starts, all OSUIT students are enrolled in the OSUIT Textbook Affordability Program. This allows students to explore the program benefits and their required textbook and course materials. If students choose not to participate, they may opt out of the program and procure their course materials independently. The bookstore will share key participation dates with students and families in communications leading up to the start of the semester.

OSUIT Textbook Affordability Program Benefits

Benefits to Students:

  • Immediate access to materials: OSUIT students are prepared to begin their courses by the first day of class.Perpetual access to textbooks and course materials, as available by the publisher.
  • Predictable costs: A low flat rate reduces the overall cost of textbooks and course materials compared to traditional market prices, creating predictability for students. The flat rate is bursar billed for maximum convenience.
  • Supports a sense of belonging and retention: Engagement with peers and faculty within Canvas and additional publisher resources reduces course attrition.

Benefits to Faculty:

  • Easy delivery of materials: Textbooks and course materials are delivered using a digital-first method through Canvas, with non-digital materials picked up at the OSUIT Campus Bookstore in the OSUIT Student Union Building.
  • Preserves Academic Freedom: Faculty have complete academic freedom whether they require paid publisher content or free resources, and all course materials are available for adoption.
  • Enhanced insights: Faculty can use Canvas to gain greater insight into how students engage with academic materials.
  • There is no change in how course materials are adopted.

Gaining Access and Using Your Textbooks and Course Materials

By the first day of classes, OSUIT students can access the required digital course materials for any course through OSUIT's Learning Management System, Canvas.

To access:

  1. Log into the course page in your OSUITCanvasaccount
  2. Open your Bookshelf from the navigation menu
  3. Need help? View tutorial:OSUIT-TAP – Accessing your Course Materials

Depending on the content type, students may find additional access information on the attachments tab for each item displayed.

Students who need assistance with their Bookshelf account may contact VitalSource 24/7 vialive chator email.

Participating in the Program


Choosing to participate in the program is easy. Once materials become available in your Canvas account, you will have the opportunity to view and use all your required materials. No further action is required to participate. If you decide that the program does not meet your needs for the current semester, you may opt-out before the opt-out deadline.View Student FAQsfor more information.


Faculty have complete academic freedom under the OSUIT Textbook Affordability Program, and the textbook selection process will remain the same.View Faculty FAQsfor more information.


Students will see the $223 flat-rate OSUIT Textbook Affordability Program charge on their September Bursar billing statement for the fall semester, January Bursar billing statement for the spring semester, and May Bursar billing statement for the summer semester. Second half semester students will see the $223 flat-rate program charge on their November Bursar billing statement for the fall semester, March Bursar billing statement for the spring semester, and July Bursar billing statement for the summer semester. For more information, view theFrequently Asked Questionspage.

Payment Information

We accept VISA, Mastercard & Discover for credit card purchases. Cash & Check are also acceptable methods of payment. We can not acceptC.O.D orders.

No credit card will ever be charged until your merchandise request is shipped.

The Bookstore is unable to cash personal or payroll checks.

Student Account Charging

OSUIT Students may charge their textbooks, toolsand class supplies to their OSUIT Bursar's account by presenting a current OSUIT student ID card andcurrent printed class schedule to the Campus Bookstore staff beginning the first Monday following the previous semester graduation continuing through the first two weeks of the semester.

Online Bookstore

Shop Online!

Take advantage of our Tool Reservation Program. We have made the tool reservation process as simple and painless as possible. No more attaching schedules or figuring out how to send the form. Now you can complete the form and submit the form with just one button.

Shipping and Handling Charges

  • Single Book (given it will fit in shipping envelope) - $10.00
  • Flat Rate - $18.00
  • Overnight & 2-day price varies

Exchanges & Refunds



OSUIT Bookstore Sales

Money made from purchases made at the OSUIT Bookstore stay here on our Campus. Every purchase made stays on campus to fund student programs and services, helping keep fees to a minimum.


Tool sales are final and nonreturnable.

Bookstore | Student Union (2024)


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