Counting Grand Championship Points – American Kennel Club (2024)

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This document has been created for you by the American Kennel Club to help you understand the point schedule and how Grand Championship points are counted.

A dog must be (1) a Champion of Record or (2) have been transferred to BOB competition based upon the owners’ records of their having completed the requirements for a CH title to be eligible for Grand Championship (GCH) competition.

The American Kennel Club requires a dog to obtain a total of 25 points with three major wins (a major win is worth three points or higher) to become a Grand Champion. The majors must be won under three different judges and at least one other judge must award some of the remaining points — so you need to win under at least four different judges. Also at least one Champion of Record must be defeated at three of these shows.

Best of Breed — BOB

Best of Opposite Sex — BOS

Select Dog — SD

Select Bitch — SB

Remember, point schedules vary by show location. If you are not at the show, make certain you get the points schedule for the event region where your dog won. Refer to the Schedule of Points.

The Grand Championship (GCH) points awarded are determined by the same divisional point schedules that are used for the calculation of championship (CH) points.

Check the posted copies of the judge’s book before you leave the show to make certain your dog was marked correctly. Mistakes do happen! Also, verify that your dog’s AKC registration number is correct in the catalog. If it is not correct, let the superintendent know before you leave the show. In both cases, it’s easier to make the correction on the day of the show rather than later.

  • How to Figure Points If Your Champion Dog or Bitch Goes Best of Breed/Variety +

    Grand Championship points will be calculated according to the number of dogs competingin the regular classes, as well as dogs competing in Best of Breed competition.

    A dog awarded BOB will be credited with the number of GCH points calculated for BOB or BOS whichever is greater.

    Counting Grand Championship Points – American Kennel Club (1)

    Counting Grand Championship Points – American Kennel Club (2)

    BOB (7 class dogs + 5 class bitches + 6 champions = 18 dogs for 5 pts)

    Based on entry in the example above, if the judge elects to award GCH points to his BOB winner today, whether the BOB is a dog or a bitch, the BOB will receive 5 GCH points.

    TIPS: Effective 11/1/17: Veteran dogs or any other non-regular class dogs are counted in determining points. All eligible entrants from non-regular classes can earn Grand Championship points. Any Champion dog from the regular or non-regular classes is not considered for the requirement to defeat at least one Champion of Record at three shows .

    TIPS: When counting dogs in competition, you only count dogs present that are judged. Dogs that are disqualified, dismissed, excused, absentee or have all awards withheld do not count.

  • How to Figure Points If Your Champion Dog or Bitch Goes Best of Opposite Sex +

    If the Judge elects to award GCH points to his BOS winner, we count all dogs of their sex competing.

    Counting Grand Championship Points – American Kennel Club (3)

    Counting Grand Championship Points – American Kennel Club (4)

    (Effective 1/1/2021), At independent(standalone, concurrent, or evening) specialty showsfor breeds with varieties, the dog awarded Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed will receive the highest number of Grand Championship points awarded in its sexin any variety at that event.

    BOS – dog (7 class dogs + 3 champion dogs = 10 dogs for 4 pts)

    BOS – bitch (5 class bitches + 3 champion bitches = 8 bitches for 3 pts)

  • How to Figure Points for Select Dog or Bitch +

    Now we move on to Select Dog and Select Bitch. THese are new AKC terms created for use in the Grand Championship program. Here we count all dogs of the same sex except BOB or BOS in the Best of Breed and regular classes. Once again, it is entirely at the judge’s discretion to choose a select Dog and/or a Select Bitch.

    Counting Grand Championship Points – American Kennel Club (5)

    Counting Grand Championship Points – American Kennel Club (6)

    BOB – is a male

    SD is chosen (10 dogs – 1 dog = 9 dogs for 4 pts)

    SB is chosen (8 bitches – 1 bitch = 7 bitches for 2 pts)

    TIPS: SD/SB count all dogscompeting of the same sex then subtract 1.

  • Sample +

    Counting Grand Championship Points – American Kennel Club (7)

    Example: Breeds with Varieties atindependent (standalone, concurrent, or evening)specialties
    Longhaired Dachshund BV (male 4 pts) OS (female 2 pts)
    Smooth Dachshund BV (female 3 pts) OS (male 2 pts)
    Wirehaired Dachshund BV (male 2 pts) OS (female 1pt)
    IfSmooth Dachshund BV was also BOB, she would receive 4 GCH pts; if Wirehaired Dachshund BV was also BOS, he would receive 4 GCH pts

    BOB — dog (5 pts)

    BOB — bitch (5 pts)

    BOS — dog (4 pts)

    BOS — bitch (3 pts)

    SD — (4 pts)

    SB — (2 pts)

We hope the foregoing has helped you understand the point system, thus adding to your enjoyment of dog shows.

Now go to theSchedule of Pointsand work the above scenarios for your breed.

Should you have additional questions please refer to Chapter 16, Section 1,Rules Applying to Dog Shows.

Counting Grand Championship Points – American Kennel Club (2024)


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