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Listing – GracesList Tel Aviv (1)

Legal Aid, Israeli Ministry of Justice

Legal Assistance

​The Legal Aid Department in the Ministry of Justice provides Legal Aid in civil matters to appli...

Listing – GracesList Tel Aviv (2)

"Schar Mitzvah" – The Israel Bar Association Pro Bono Program

Legal Assistance

The Program enables the implementation of Section 3(2) of the Israel Bar Association Law, which s...

Listing – GracesList Tel Aviv (3)

Public Defense

Legal Assistance

​The Public Defense at the Ministry of Justice was founded in 1996 after the Public Defense Act w...

Listing – GracesList Tel Aviv (4)

Association for Civil Rights in Israel

Legal Assistance

Established in 1972, ACRI is Israel’s oldest and largest human rights organization and the only o...

Listing – GracesList Tel Aviv (5)

Israel Police


Policing and law enforcement in Israel are the sole responsibility of the Israel Police. As a nat...

Listing – GracesList Tel Aviv (6)


The National Fire & Rescue Authority is Israel’s official firefighting & rescue org...

Listing – GracesList Tel Aviv (7)

Security And Emergency Services Branch


The security of the city’s residents is a top-most priority for the Tel Aviv Yafo Municipal...

Listing – GracesList Tel Aviv (8)


Education Employment

The Aluma organization, founded in 1983 by the Religious Kibbutz Movement, strives for the existe...

Listing – GracesList Tel Aviv (9)

Save a Child’s Heart

Physical Health Childcare

Save a Child’s Heart is an Israel-based international non-profit organization with the mission of...

Listing – GracesList Tel Aviv (10)

African Refugee Development Center

Legal Assistance Education Employment

The African Refugee Development Center (ARDC) is a grassroots, community-based nonprofit organiza...

Listing – GracesList Tel Aviv (11)

Eritrean Women's Community Center

Education Employment Counseling Physical Health Women's Shelters

The Eritrean Women’s Community Center in Tel Aviv is an initiative designed and run indepe...

Listing – GracesList Tel Aviv (12)

Fidel Association

Youth Shelters Education

Fidel (Alphabet in Amharic), Association for Education and Social Integration of Ethiopian Jews i...

Listing – GracesList Tel Aviv (13)


Meals Emergency Shelters Youth Shelters Childcare Clothing Physical Health Rent Assistance Utility Assistance Women's Shelters

Our goal is to ensure the basic human needs to any needy person, and we carry out our mission by ...

Listing – GracesList Tel Aviv (14)


Meals Physical Health Rent Assistance Utility Assistance

Latet (To Give) – was established in order to reduce poverty, for a better and just society...

Listing – GracesList Tel Aviv (15)

Ani Shlishi



Ani Shlishi is a nonprofit organization based in Tel Aviv, that uses a second-hand clothing store...

Listing – GracesList Tel Aviv (16)

ELEM/Youth in Distress

Youth Shelters Counseling Education Employment Women's Shelters Emergency Shelters Clothing Meals Domestic Violence Physical Health

Founded in 1982, ELEM/Youth in Distress in Israel is the country’s leading nonprofit organization...

Listing – GracesList Tel Aviv (17)

Shanti House Association

Youth Shelters Employment Counseling Meals Physical Health Clothing

Shanti House was founded in 1984 and serves both as a temporary home and long-term support...

Listing – GracesList Tel Aviv (18)

Beit Dror

Emergency Youth Shelters Meals Counseling

“Dror” (Freedom) – the first therapeutic emergency center for GLBT youth in Israel. &...

Listing – GracesList Tel Aviv (19)


Childcare Women's Shelters Domestic Violence Emergency Shelters Legal Assistance Counseling Education Youth Shelters Employment

WIZO was founded in 1920 in direct response to the needs of women and children in Israel. Today, ...

Listing – GracesList Tel Aviv (20)

Tel Aviv Sexual Assault Crisis Center


TheTel Aviv Sexual Assault Crisis Center, initially called the Tel Aviv Rape Crisis Center, was ...

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Listing – GracesList Tel Aviv (2024)


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