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Office of the Registrar

In Person Services: Student Service Center, Welcome Center, 42 West Warren
Mailing Address:5057 Woodward; Suite 5101, Detroit, MI 48202
Telephone: 313-577-3550, Fax: 313-577-7870

The Office of the Registrar supports the instructional, research and service missions of the University by providing a wide variety of academic services to students, faculty and staff. The office consists of several units: The Office of the Registrar prepares academic calendars, assesses tuition and fees, determines residency, and reviews all appeals for exceptions to University enrollment policies. Records and Registration oversees registration, adds, drops, course withdrawals, grading, student personal and academic data, and transcripts/academic records. Curricular Services oversees the preparation of each term's Schedule of Classes, degree audit tools, graduation applications and diplomas. Transfer Credit evaluates coursework from other universities for undergraduate credit at Wayne State University.


Registration is the process of officially enrolling in classes for a particular term. Students can view the Class Schedule online, add courses to their cart, and complete registration within Academica. A student may not attend any class for which he/she is not officially registered.

POST-BACHELORSTATUS:Students wanting graduate credit should NOT register ‘post-bachelor.’ This status allows students holding bachelor’s degrees from accredited institutions to elect only courses open to undergraduate students (numbered below 7000), which may be used to fulfill prerequisite requirements for graduate admission. Credits for courses elected as a post-bachelor student donotcount toward graduate credit.


Academica is a secure gateway that provides unified access to Wayne State information, services, and computing systems. This comprehensive environment is a one-stop location where WSU students, faculty, and staff can conveniently use online self-service functions and easily access many computing systems, such as the Wayne Connect Email system and the Canvas learning management system. Using Academica, students also have continual access to specific information and helpful tools needed for communication, collaboration, teaching and learning, and University administration. Current students can use secure self-services to check financial aid, register for and drop/add classes, pay tuition and fees, check holds and final grades, obtain enrollment verifications and transcripts, self-register for training programs/workshops, and more.

Accessing Academica requires a validWSU Access ID(e.g., xy6789) and password. As soon as a student applies for admission or an employee is hired, a unique Access ID is automatically created. The university'sHelp Deskservices can provide technical assistance if necessary.

Degree Works

Degree Works is a degree tracking tool that allows you to see your progress toward graduation and help you and your advisor determine which courses you still need to take. Along with your advisor, you can also map out which courses you will take in future semesters, putting you on the right path for graduation.

Drop/Add — Adjusting Your Schedule

Registered students may drop and/or add classes on the date(s) indicated on the Registration Calendar. Note the following requirements:

  1. The regulations pertaining to dropping and adding courses are stated as they pertain to regular courses fifteen weeks or more in duration. These regulations are applied proportionately to courses that are offered for less than fifteen weeks. Students can click on the Course Reference Number (CRN) on the class schedule website to view specific deadline dates for each course(s). Students can also contact theRegistration Officefor any questions regarding these regulations.
  2. Students who do not officially drop their courses within the first two weeks of classes are financially obligated to pay for the courses even if they have not attended any class sessions.
  3. Students who officially drop full term courses before the conclusion of the first two weeks of classes (for the Fall and Winter terms) are entitled to 100% tuition cancellation, and the courses do not appear on the students' academic records.
  4. Students are not permitted to add courses after the first week of the term without instructor and departmental permission. Departments are required to enter a late add permit/override for students if exceptions are made to permit adding of classes during the second week.
  5. Students are not permitted to withdraw from courses after the end of the tenth week of class for full term classes. The withdrawal deadlines are published in each term's academic and registration calendar. Withdrawal dates for less than full term courses are adjusted proportionally. Late withdrawal requests will not be approved. Medical withdrawal requests have separate deadlines.
  6. Effective Fall 2022, all withdrawals will show as a W on the transcript. W marks are not calculated in your g.p.a, and there is no tuition cancellation for withdrawn courses.The request to withdraw can be made on Academica in the Student Resource area of the Registration menu.
  7. Classes for which a grade has been earned cannot be withdrawn.

College of Engineering: Students are not permitted to withdraw from courses after the fifth week of classes without written approval of their advisor. Some departments have more stringent restrictions on withdrawing from courses.

Transcript Request Policy

Official transcripts bear the seal of the University and the signature of the Registrar.

Wayne State University has partnered with the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) to provide online ordering of WSU official transcripts. Ordering a transcript from NSC is easy, secure, and a more convenient way to order online at any time. Once a transcript is ordered it can be tracked through text message and email.

The National Student Clearinghouse transcript request is the only method in which official transcripts may be requested. Wayne State University does not accept transcript requests over the phone.

  • Electronic transcript: A transcript requested electronically is typically received the same day it is ordered.
  • Mail transcript: A transcript being mailed through the United States Postal Service could take up to 2-3 days processing time before mailing. Additional delivery options are available on the NSC site.
  • Students who attended prior to 1998: There may be a 3-5 day delay in processing your order.
  • TranscriptAttachment Options:You may include up to three documents to be sent with your Wayne State University transcripts, such as application forms required by recipient graduate/scholarship programs or for licensing. These documents must be in pdf, doc, docx, or jpg formats. Upon review, we reserve the right not to include certain documents with your transcripts.We do not assume responsibility regarding the legibility of your document.

Visit the Office of the Registrar's transcript webpage to submit a request for an official transcript.

Release of Student Records

The University recognizes the educational records of students as being privileged and has a policy designed to ensure that this information is not improperly divulged without the consent of the student. The University is subject to theFamily Education Rights and Privacy Act(FERPA) and has promulgated regulations pursuant thereto. Copies of the regulations and a list of student records maintained by the University are available for inspection in the Office of the Registrar. The University reserves the right to provide anonymous academic information to other schools and colleges when it is to be used for curriculum evaluation purposes.

Michigan's Freedom of Information Act

The Freedom of Information Act (PA 242) provides that a member of the public, in accordance with certain guidelines, has a right to inspect and receive copies of public records maintained by the University. A public record is broadly defined and includes written documents, pictures, recordings, punch cards, magnetic cards, etc., which are maintained by the University in the course of official responsibilities. However, certain records are exempt from disclosure.

The Media Relations Office, located in 3100 Academic/Administrative Building,is responsible for accepting requests for public records, and the Director of that office is the University officer in charge of providing this service. Under statute, a fee can be charged for records released and is based on the cost of labor involved in the search, examination and duplication of records, as well as the mailing costs. Only the Office of General Counsel may authorize the denial of a FOIA request.

Student Directory Information

Under theFamily Education Rights and Privacy Act(FERPA), the university can designate information as directory information, which may be released to third parties. Wayne State University considers the following information to directory information: name, university-provided e-mail address, major, classification (freshman, sophom*ore, etc.), enrollment status (full-time, three-quarters-time, half-time, less-than-half-time, withdrawn), dates of attendance, participation in officially recognized university activities (including sports), height and weight of members of athletic teams, degree(s) received from Wayne State, and Honors and/or academic awards received.

Wayne State does not release directory information to third parties for commercial or non-educational purposes. Requesters are expected to explain the benefit to our students.

You may opt in or opt out of the release of directory information by filingaRequest to Restrict Release of Directory Information Formwith the Records and Registration Office.

The University will release student information made under the Solomon Amendment (10 USC Section 983) by Department of Defense recruiters. Accordingly, students maynotopt out of this type of release.

WSU OneCard

The WSU OneCard is a multi-purpose identification and debit card all in one. It is a convenient, easy-to-use card designed to provide students with access to a wide variety of campus services including. parking, door access, copying and printing services food and book-store purchases, and more, all without having to use cash. The OneCard is needed to access the fitness center, the complimentary campus shuttle and serves as the Library Card for the WSU Libraries. Students should contact theOneCard Officefor complete details.

Retention and Graduation Data

The Office of Institutional Research and Data Analysis (IRDA) submits the following retention and graduation rates to the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) on behalf of the university. More information on the university’s retention and graduation rates can be found on the IRDA website.

2nd Year Retention Rates for First-time Students Pursuing Bachelor Degrees (fall 2022 students returning in fall 2023)*

Full Time: 82%

Part Time: 47%


Source: IPEDS Fall Enrollment 2023-2024 submission.

Graduation Rates for First-time Full-time Students Pursuing Bachelor Degrees (Fall 2017 cohort)*

Description At the End of 4-years At the End of 6-years
Overall Graduation Rate 33% 57%
Overall Transfer-out Rate 23%
Graduation Rate by Sex
Male 28% 53%
Female 36% 59%
Graduation Rate by Race
U.S. Nonresident 47% 74%
Hispanic/Latino 21% 45%
Asian 47% 75%
Black or African American 13% 31%
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander 50% 50%
White 36% 62%
Two or more races 18% 37%
Race and ethnicity unknown 33% 56%

Source: IPEDS Graduation Rates 2023-2024 submission.

Records and Registration < Wayne State (2024)


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