Fall [2022] [PG-13] – 2.6.5 (2024)

Fall [2022] [PG-13] – 2.6.5 (1)Why is “Fall” rated PG-13? The MPAA rating has been assigned for “bloody images, intense peril, and strong language.” The Kids-In-Mind.com evaluation includes several scenes with a woman’s very deep cleavage visible, discussions of an extra-marital affair, a rock climbing accident that ends in the death of a man, a woman’s death from a fall from a great height, many scenes of two women struggling to survive when they are stranded at the top of a very tall tower for more than two days, and at least 2 F-words and other strong language. Read our parents’ guide below for details on sexual content, violence & strong language.

After her husband (Mason Gooding) dies in a rock climbing accident, a woman (Grace Caroline Currey) is convinced by her best friend (Virginia Gardner) to face her fears by climbing a TV tower that’s over 2,000 feet tall. Once they reach the top and the ladder to the ground breaks away, they have to figure out how to descend without falling. Also with Jeffrey Dean Morgan and. Directed by Scott Mann. [Running Time: 1:47]


– A husband and his wife kiss after she jumps from one rock face to another, where he catches her. A woman confesses to having an affair with another woman’s husband for 4 months; the wife asks, “Who made the move?”
A woman sleeps in bed and has a dream that her now dead husband is lying beside her and he touches her clothed hip (please see the Violence/Gore category for more details). A video on a cellphone screen shows a woman doing a pole dance (there is no nudity). Two women see two men together in an RV and one woman refers to it as a “dirty weekend away.”
A woman wears a very low-cut tank top with a push-up bra to reveal deep cleavage and another woman refers to her as “natural-born clickbait.”


– A husband and his wife climb a sheer rock wall and the man jumps across a crevice to attach a safety line; the woman fearfully jumps across to the man and they continue to climb, the man reaches into an opening in the rock to attach his safety line and a bird swoops out toward him causing him to lose his grip and fall; he dangles from his safety line, it breaks free and he falls to his death as the woman watches in horror.
Two women start climbing an over 2000-foot tall TV tower and we see that it is rusted and it shakes as they climb, bolts rattle and the safety lines attached to the ground also move; there are two stretches of the climb with ladders (part enclosed by a cage and part open) and the final 200-feet or so is unaided. We see and hear the rattling structure in several scenes.
A woman stuffs her cellphone into a shoe then pushes the shoe into an open abdominal wound on another woman (for padding) and pushes the woman’s body off a satellite antenna to the ground. A vulture pecks a woman’s leg wound and she wakes up in a panic; she grabs the bird, wrestles with it, it grabs her with its claw and the woman slams it around and kills it (blood spurts on the woman’s face), and then eats it (we see bloody tissue as she puts it in her mouth). A woman wakes up in a panic and can’t see another woman anywhere and imagines seeing the other woman dead with a vulture pecking at her head (we see blood and tissue). A woman is shown lying motionless on a satellite dish with blood on her head and abdomen and a vulture pecks the abdominal wound; another woman imagines the woman with the same head wound sitting next to her and talking to her.
A woman rappels down a rope along a tall tower to reach a satellite dish and a backpack containing water and supplies; when she can’t reach the dish, she unfastens her safety line and jumps landing on the dish, but can’t reach the rope to climb back up and she jumps off, catching the rope with the backpack attached to it; she climbs the rope and the other woman pulls the rope, she slips off and lands on the dish again (we see she has blood on her hands) and she says that she can’t climb and that the other woman will have to pull her up (the woman screams with exertion). A woman climbs down a ladder on a tall tower and the ladder breaks free, pulling all the sections of ladder off the tower and leaving her dangling from a rope held by another woman standing on a platform; the second woman pulls her back up to the platform. A woman dangles from a rope trying to reach a backpack that fell and landed on a satellite dish but she cannot reach it. A woman steps on a rusted ladder rung and it breaks away causing her to scream and she holds onto the rung above her to stabilize herself. A woman climbs around a satellite dish on a tall tower squeezing through a narrow space; another woman does the same thing. A woman falls asleep on a platform at the top of a tower and nearly falls over the edge; another woman grabs her. A woman helps another woman by pulling her by the arm onto a satellite dish.
Two women look from a high vantage point at a town where they had just been and talking about how small it is. A rusted bolt pops out of a ladder when a woman pulls on it to check it for safety. A woman dangles off the edge of a platform by one hand and another woman takes photos and video of her; the second woman does the same thing. A woman climbs an antenna with a safety beacon at the top to plug in a battery for an R/C drone (she cries, yells and shivers from exertion and fear); vultures circle her, swoop toward her and screech and she yells and swats them away. Two women lower a cellphone by a rope to try to get a signal; they then wrap the phone in a shoe, a sock and a padded bra and throw the shoe to the ground below, still trying to get a signal to send a message for help. A storm is seen in the distance with lightning flashing and thunder rumbling; it moves closer to a woman stranded on a platform and wind blows; she clings to the tower and lightning flashes and cracks right next to her and the screen goes dark.
Two women walk through a deserted area and find two large vultures eating a goat and we see its intestines out with blood and tissue and we hear the animal moan; the women shoo the birds away. A woman opens a box that contains her husband’s ashes and sprinkles them into the wind at the top of a very tall tower. A woman has a cut on her leg and we see blood; the wound becomes infected over time and she says it doesn’t hurt anymore, but it smells bad. A woman sleeps in bed and has a dream that her now dead husband is lying beside her; when she sits up (still in her sleep) she sees that the bedclothes are soaked with blood and she wakes up gasping.
A woman drives toward a road while recording a video on her phone and nearly drives in front of a truck; the driver honks as the truck speeds by in front of her. Vultures circle two women stuck on a platform at the top of a tall tower in several scenes. A man and a dog walk near the tower and two women scream for them to look up; the man does not hear them even after one woman throws her shoes at him and they land nearby with a thud. A woman fires a flare gun into the air and two men nearby see the two women stranded on top of a tower; the men drive to the gate surrounding the tower and find the women’s car, break the driver’s side window and steal the car as the women scream for help. Two women fly a remote controlled drone with a note attached toward a town but have to recall it because the battery is dead; one woman reaches out to grab the drone and nearly falls off the platform. Two women fly a drone toward a town and just before it arrives at a motel, a truck slams into it, knocking it to the road. A man arrives at a tower, sees EMTs and police, and thinks his daughter is dead as they close up a body bag and place the body in an ambulance.
A man and his inebriated adult daughter argue over her car keys when she tries to drive home; she eventually walks. A man leaves his adult daughter a message asking her to call him when she stops hating him. A woman tells her father, “Leave me alone.” A sign on a locked fence gate surrounding a tall abandoned TV tower reads, “No trespassing. Danger of death.” While climbing a tall tower, a woman tells another woman, “Only look up.” A woman tells another woman to concentrate on something else when she becomes afraid while climbing. Two women realize that they don’t have a cell phone signal from the top of the tower where they are perched, with no way down. A woman complains that they are going to die of thirst. A woman asks another woman, “Are we gonna die?”
A woman vomits and we hear a gag (no goo is visible). A woman urinates over the side of a very tall tower while another woman holds her by the arm (we see urine splattering onto a satellite dish below). A woman hyperventilates and acts as if she might vomit (she does not). A woman brushes her teeth and we see some foam in her mouth. A woman says that she has to urinate.


– About 2 F-words, 37 scatological terms, 12 anatomical terms, 11 mild obscenities, name-calling (showoff, freaking awful, tickle your whistle, sick, awful, insane, stupid, toy town, dumb YouTuber, scrawny [anatomical term deleted], hopeless, funky, idiot, bat [scatological term deleted] crazy, super bad [anatomical term deleted], natural-born clickbait), exclamations (yay, you’re killing it), 4 religious profanities (GD), 25 religious exclamations (e.g. for Christ’s sake, my God, oh Jesus, oh my God, God, Jesus Christ, Holy [F-word deleted], Holy [scatological term deleted]). | profanity glossary |


– A woman takes prescription pills with a glass of liquor (we do not know what the pills are). A woman drinks in a bar and seems inebriated (please see the Violence/Gore category for more details), and a woman talks about looking forward to ice-cold beers when they get back on the ground. A woman smokes something that looks like a cigarette.


– Death of a loved one, accidental death, risk taking, fear, depression, denial, jealousy, irony, infidelity, betrayal, grief, sorrow, adventure.


– If you don’t confront your fears, you’ll always be afraid. Life is fleeting.

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Fall [2022] [PG-13] – 2.6.5 (2024)


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